The Catalyse Learning Centre (CLC)  was founded by Melissa Jakobsen early in 2012.  Originally from Canada, she moved to Switzerland in 2007 and began teaching at an international school in the mathematics and science departments. After having her first child, she was unable to continue working on a full time basis so opened the CLC in order to offer academic support to English-speaking students.  She believes strongly in the value and importance of academic excellence and has developed a range of materials to  help students of all levels.  Many of the students who come to the centre are in IB  or iGCSE, but students as young as age 4 are welcome at the centre, as are those who are homeschooled.
Over the years,  she has tutored students in mathematics, biology, and physics, and has found excellent instructors to help cover mathematics and additional subjects including Chemistry, Economics, EFL, English Literature and all levels of French. 
Thousands of lessons have been taught at the centre, and the entire team looks forward to teaching many more.