Summer School


There is no better confidence boost than going back to school having already revised and/or covered the upcoming topics.

Come get a running start with us!

We will help by:

  • Introducing/revising the most challenging topics
  • Providing ample practice material based on past examinations
  • Giving advice on how to approach the IB Internal Assessments
  • Helping to establish a study plan for the academic year

Prep courses are highly recommended for:

  • Mathematics (all levels)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Additional Languages

Dates of courses for summer 2018:

  • August 13 to 17
  • August 20 to 24
  • August 27 to 31
  • Morning
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Math SL/Studies
  • Afternoon
    • Chemistry
    • Math SL/HL/Studies

Rates to fit all budgets:

Long course

1250 CHF: one-to-one

850 CHF: pairs

650 CHF: small groups (3-4)

Short course

700 CHF: one-to-one

475 CHF: pairs

360 CHF: small groups (3-4)

Long courses are recommended for HL Science courses and Math SL, and short course are recommended for SL science courses and Math studies.  All course have a mandatory work period.


  • Registration confirmed upon payment (an invoice will be sent within a week of registration)
  • No cancellations/changes past August 11, 2017
  • Long courses are 3.0 hours over 5 days
  • Short courses are 1.50 hours over 5 days

To  learn more please email

Private lessons are also available over the summer.  Please email for details.